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Lucio Saints and Alejandro a Tim Tales

da , aprile 29th, 2013 | Tim Tales | 0 Commenti

Super impalato a Tim Tales ! VIDEO !

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Close Up: Scene 2: Will Swagger & Brian Davilla

da , aprile 17th, 2013 | TITANMEN | 0 Commenti

Will Swagger and Brian Davilla enter the living room and kiss—Brian’s salt-and-pepper beard grazing Will’s 5 o’clock shadow. Will whips out Brian’s huge cock, staring at it as he grips it with his hand—then looking up and whispering “Nice!” Will dives down, Brian’s gravelly voice guiding the sucker: “Balls deep…back it in!” The breathless Will follows the alpha’s instructions, getting on his back as Brian straddles his face to feed him.

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First Time Part 1 Chp. 4 Jake Genesis & Mike Colucci

da , aprile 14th, 2013 | Kristen Bjorn | 0 Commenti

Nuovo capitolo su Kristen Bjor. Dopo il salto altre immagini e il link al video.

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First Time 3, video !

da , aprile 11th, 2013 | Kristen Bjorn | 0 Commenti

Kristen Bjorn colpisce ancora. Dolpo il salto il video imperdibile !

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Big Dicks at School (grandi cazzi a scuola): Johnny Rapid & Rocco Reed

da , aprile 11th, 2013 | Men.Com | 1 Commento

Johnny Rapid is a straight A student in Professor (Rocco) Reed’s class but he knows something is up because he’s just not trying.  Turns out, what’s “up” is Rocco’s cock and Johnny decides to give Rocco an A of his own:  A for ass!  As an added bonus, Johnny fucks Rocco’s butt too! DOPO IL SALTO IL VIDEO

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